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Firmware update on Grandstream breaks speed dial by IP - Fixed

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Firmware update on Grandstream breaks speed dial by IP - Fixed
A note on newer firmware on the Grandstream 1620/1625. I have two phones which are not registered on a SIP server, used for point to point contact. Before the change, I was able to store Dial by IP address entries in the progammable keys (Line Keys/Soft Keys) by the well known method of configuring Speed Dial via Active Account (even tho there isn't one here) and an entry of *4710*1*2*3 for the IP where *47 is a prefix and the rest the IP address Also the Settings / Call Features / Bypass Dial Plan Through Call History and Directories would need to set to Yes. On ver 1.4.128, I noticed the speed dials had stopped working, resulting in a No matching dial plan error. I found another instance of the Bypass Dial Plan located in Settings / Accounts / Account 1 / Call Settings. There are now check boxes specific to this Account which affect this function (again, even if account is blank). I checked "MPK" or Multi-Purpose Keys and the functionality returned. Ian
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I can't help, but thanks for the post/tutorial
I can't help you but I have 3 Grandstream DP715 cordless VOIP phones. You literally spelled out the best "How to save Direct IP Calling in Speed Dial" tutorial that I have yet to see on the Internet. Well done, sir. I hope someone has a solution for you. Also... I'm reluctant to upgrade my firmware after seeing your post. ;-)
Thank you,
Damon K9CQB
It's ok now!
By checking the Bypass function on the Account page (as well as globally), the speed dial did start working again. I dunno what great features were added by the firmware upgrade, but I hear ya on caution. If it works, don't fix it :) Also of note I have some Grandstream GXP-2170's which only have the global settings Bypass checkbox. Haven't seen it under each Account, but it could show up in future releases. It works fine with just the one checkbox set to Yes. Ian

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