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Ubiquiti NanoStattion2 with XS firmwareu

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Ubiquiti NanoStattion2 with XS firmwareu

I bought an Ubiquiti NanoStation2 2.4GHz Indoor/Outdoor Dual-Polarity 10dBi CPE (FCC ID: SWX-NS2, IC ID: 6545A-NS2) at a garage sale.  The software version on this device is XS2.ar2316.v4.0.2.4996.120423.0955.  As such, this appears to be an airMAX ®  legacy product.  I do not find this device in the supported platform matrix at  on the AREDN website.  My newbie question, therefore, is:   Can this device be made to function in the AREDN MESH network?

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This unit will not work with the AREDN firmware.
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These early devices don't have enough memory, so our firmware won't fit into them.

Andre, K6AH
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KB3RRL's picture Ubiquiti NanoStattion2 with XS firmware
If you find yourself with a stock of these early, unsupported devices, you might consider using them as access points, Wi-Fi clients or point to point bridges. As a bridge or Wi-Fi client, you may find their throughput somewhat limiting, but you will need to see if they meet your needs. Another use for these devices is as a network probe with Wireshark or other tools. 73, Gordon Beattie, W2TTT 201.314.6964
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Thanks for the helpful
Thanks for the helpful responses from all

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