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VOIP issue using 3cx over Mesh

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VOIP issue using 3cx over Mesh

Can anyone assist me with a VoIP issue.
Have 2x Mikrotik hap ac lite routers. Using 3cx on a windows PC. 2x Grandstream Gxp1625 phones.
If both phones are plugged into the same router as the VoIP server they work fine. Plug one phone into the other router and get nothing.
It's obviously a config issue. But I'm at a loss in what to change to get the VoIP working over Wlan.
Any help appreciated

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I'm not familiar with the 3cx
I'm not familiar with the 3cx at all but I would check your Proxy address. With the both being on the same server it would use the same address but the seconded phone now on the new node must be pointed to the proxy server.

Denis KD1HA
Thanks Denis
will take a look
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Network Issue?

This almost sounds like a network issue...

1. Is your PC with the 3cx pbx on the Mesh LAN or is it on your home LAN? IE, does the PC get a 10.x.y.z address from its local node or a 192.168.x.y address from your home LAN? If it has your home LAN address, the phones both being on the node with connectivity to your home LAN just might work to a pbx outside the Mesh. Move one phone to the other node and that condition is not met any more. Devices out on the network will not be able to reach your home LAN unless the Internet Gateway box is checked on your home node.

2. With one phone on each node, can you call from one phone to the other using direct ip dialling? If so, this suggests that #1 above  might be the culprit. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the Grandstream web site:

If they can't call from one to another, this suggests a basic network connectivity issue. Are the nodes talking to each other?

3. In the configuration for each phone, are they configured to register to a 10.x.y.z address?  Again, your PC needs to be on the Mesh.

73, Mark

Hi Mark
the PC is on the Mesh with a 10.xx IP address, if both phones are plugged in to the same Mikrotik router, and the PC with 3cx is as well everything is fine, its only when I move a phone to the 2nd router that the problem occurs, it has to be a mesh problem, I've tried changing all the settings.
I will take another look when I get a spare hour or 3 to delve deeper in to it
VoIP Over Mesh
I have a similar problem.  When I connect 2 VoIP devices together via a local switch, they can call one another fine. But If I attach them to different local nodes they cannot call one another. One is a Grandstream desk phone and the other is a Grandsteam ATA and normal phone.  Their addresses are all given by
the respective "port forwarding..." windows.  This used to work fine, but now does not. I cannot find what has changed.  Latest AREDN firmware?

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different local nodes

Hi, Bob:

By 'local nodes' do you mean physically in the same city or
that they are RF or DtD or tunnel connected. If IP phones are connected to 2 mesh nodes
and those 2 mesh nodes are RF or DtD or tunnel connected, there should not be any 'port forwarding'.
If routers are involved, then port forwarding is required. Each router would need to
'port forward' (likely port 5060) to the internal IP phone.

I do not know what '"port forwarding..." windows' is.

Hope this helps, Chuck

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