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NanoStation M5 cannot install

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NanoStation M5 cannot install

I am trying again on my NanoStation M5. I have it in TFTP mode, have tried and Angry IP shows my computer as or 20, and the node on

C:\Users\ckotan\Downloads>tftp -i PUT aredn-579-27f4356-ubnt-rocket-m-xw-factory.bin
 Connect request failed

I've tried fully qualified path name, of course. This is using the windows tftp command. I turned off the bit defender firewall - no joy.

I've tried surfing to but get nothing as https everywhere switched to https.

Help!  This node had the "old" RC and worked fine, but got semi bricked by accidentally installing from  Stumped.

Sounds to me
It sounds to me like the node may not be in tftp mode. I had a similar experience and took two attempts to get tftp to engage even though the lights appeared to show it was.
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Few possible you

Few possible you have the .bin file in the same directory as I do not see that in your path description? And make sure you turn off the WiFi. Open a 2ed cmd window and ping the node to make sure you have it. Are the rocket LED,s flashing back and forth in a pair (TFTP mode)? And make sure your computer is in static mode. I see you have been here for over three years so pardon me for being so basic but sometime we do forget as most of us don't do this every day!
Denis KD1HA

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NanoStation M5 cannot install

C:\Users\ckotan\Downloads>tftp -i PUT aredn-579-27f4356-ubnt-rocket-m-xw-factory.bin

NanoStation Loco M5 XW with test date before ~Nov 2017 loco-m-xw 64Mb stable
NanoStation Loco M5 XW with test date on or after ~Nov 2017 rocket-m-xw 64Mb stable
NanoStation M2/M5 XW nano-m-xw 64Mb stable

Nanostation M5 or Nano locoM5?
The most recent locoM5-XW gets the 'rocket-m-xw', the NanostationM5 gets the 'nano-m-xw'.
Are you PUTting the correct firmware?

Hope this helps, Chuck

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when in TFTP mode, the device
when in TFTP mode, the device's address is (NOT as in your command)

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NanoStation M5

Thanks all - It is an NS-M5 (no locos here). AI6BX and K6DLQ may have it - I put it in TFTP mode - lights blink as they should, but perhaps it isn't in TFTP. Scratch, scratch...I'm doing what Angry IP shows. I'll bang on it a few more times.

Similar issue

Trying to load onto an Ubiquity NanostationM5 XW and Rocket M5 XW, both new and just out of the box.  Devices give every appearance of going into TFTP mode (lights flash per directions). 

Was able to ping and there is a connection (0 packet loss).   

I'm using a MacBook Pro.  Turned on TFTP on the computer (it was off the first time I tried.  Found a way to copy the file location to avoid types.  That said, the error I am getting (for both) is No such file or directory found. 

Not sure if this is a Mac issue or simply operator error.  Any advice would be appreciated and many thanks in advance!

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here's how i do it...

the "no such file" error means that the commandline didn't like the filename that you give it.

here's how i do it...

  1. download the firmware to your Downloads directory.
  2. open a terminal
  3. cd ~/Downloads
  4. ls aredn-3.20.*        (this will show a list of all the firmware files)
  5. copy the filename that you want to use (highlight and CMD-C)
  6. Put the device into TFTP mode (procedure in the Docs)
  7. set your wired network interface (using Settings) to ( and APPLY
  8. ping   (if successful, proceed)
  9. tftp
  10. bin
  11. trace
  12. put thepastedfilename      (this is PASTED with CMD-V)
  13. it uploads and processes on node now and your LEDs should be flashing.
  14. set your network back to DHCP
  15. wait a few mins.
Very helpful!

I'm more of a windows users, but have used UNIX in the past.  I was able to confirm that the files are there with the ls command, but the cd (or even chdir) doesn't seem to work.  But this does give me some insight into the problem.  Thanks for the help.  I'll let you know how it works out!  Many thanks!

OK, I needed to use a \ instead of a /.  The Nanostation seems to be working per the directions.  I'll finish the setup and let you know how it worked.   I was thinking it had something to do with where I was in the file structure, but I am RF person than computer. Again, many thanks!

Last update.  Everything is working - Nanostation and Rocket.  All came down to syntax.

Again, very much appraciate your help on this! 

Somewhat related. I have two

Somewhat related. I have two Nanostation M5 XM and I can't install I first tried the sysupgrade from Then tried TFTP2ing the factory. There is no DHCP response at all and the LEDs go back to the alternating flash. I can TFPT2 factory and it works fine.

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Confirm, this is the factory
Confirm, this is the factory image being loaded:


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