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Raspbian Desktop

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Raspbian Desktop

Is it possible to load the raspbian Desktop on a Rpi once the freepbx image file is installed and setup? I would like to have PBX running in the background and then be able to launch the desktop.

David - N5MXI

Better ask it on FreePBX
Better ask it on FreePBX forum since it is their product...

Otherwise is should be possible to install a desktop manager depending on OS runing it... I just do not use it so I can't help further.
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Something to Try


Have you tried simply plugging a keyboard, mouse, and monitor into the raspberry pi to see what happens? A gui might be there already. Make sure you power cycle the rpi after you plug in the peripherals so that they get recognized on bootup.

Mark, N2MH

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The image you are using has the freePBX installed on top of the headless Raspian system. There is no way to install the desktop version on it now. 
Not that I know of, at least. 
The way to achieve what you asking for would be you manually installing the freePBX on top of a full version (desktop) of Raspbian, from scratch. 
Probably not the easiest solution, but doable. 
I personally had to use a second Pi next to the one running the freePBX software. 
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Seems like it may not be too
Seems like it may not be too difficult:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install raspberrypi-ui-mods
sudo reboot


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