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Trouble with TFTP to Rocket M2

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Trouble with TFTP to Rocket M2
I'm a newby, so I'm probably just doing something wrong. I have a Rocket M2 XW and I'm trying to push a new install of aredn, but can't seem to get it to take it. I was using the Windows 10 TFTP, but the syntax seems to be different than what is described here and I wasn't sure I had it correct. I could either get the Rocket to lock up or it wouldn't respond at all. I downloaded PumpKIN which I saw reccomended on a UBNT thread and it gives an error "Firmware Check Failed" and then the rocket returns to the ready for firmware state where the lights flash back and forth. I think the current AirOS version is 6.0.x, but if I'm understanding correctly, that doesn't matter if we're using the nightly builds? Any help would be appreciated. This thing is starting to make me feel like an idiot.
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Try the following syntax:

Try to PING the device first to confirm network settings, then try the following syntax:

tftp -i PUT c:\temp\aredn-458-440fb3b-ubnt-rocket-m-xw-factory.bin


I can ping Just
I can ping Just for giggles I ran ping -t and watched it for a while. It drops about every 10th packet, so I guess this rocket must have a problem. 
Has anyone tried this

i used it to recover my TP-Link 210. Worked great.


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