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Looking to setup a group in the Tucson area. I have a 55' tower where I can establish multiple backhaul nodes or omni nodes.
AREDN at Tucson area hamfest

I live in Apache Junction but attended the Oro Valley ARC hamfest in Marana today.  I set up a portable mesh node and chatted with several local folks about AREDN.  There seems to be some interest from hams on both the east and west side of Tuscon.  Hopefully you can generate enough enthusiasm to get a solid core group.  I wonder whether OVARC would publicize it via their club email list?  Sounds like you have a great location for a central mesh node.  All the best!
Steve  KC0EUW

I'll be in Glendale ...
I'll be in Glendale on the 14th for about 10 days and would be willing to make a run down to Tuscon to give a little help if you'd like while there.  I've built out our mesh network here in Anchorage and could probably be of some assistance.


Kent, KL5T
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What equipment would I need to acquire?
I believe I would be able to connect from Sycamore Canyon.  Do you have a equipment selection you could recommend?

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