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TS-5-POE 2 LAN 2 Node 1 WAN

Ubiquiti ToughSwitch TS-5-POE 2 LAN 2 Node 1 WAN


If DHCP on ToughSwitch is enabled (Device Tab), then the switch receives an IP address from node A and can be managed from a computer in Port 2 (LAN #1 on Node A)


You can get this switch from Amazon by clicking this link
Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE (TS-5-POE) 24 V Passive PoE

or the alternative Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE Pro (TS-8-PRO)


Image Attachments: 
Available Ports: 
DTD Ports: 
LAN Ports: 
WAN Ports: 
Port 1: 
Mesh Node A
Port 2: 
LAN #1 on Node A
Port 3: 
Mesh Node B
Port 4: 
LAN #1 on Node B
Port 5: 
WAN on Node A/B/C/D

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