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Standardized NanoStation XM Ethernet port configuration

Standardized NanoStation XM Ethernet port configuration

The NanoStation XM devices now have fully functional ports - both main and secondary.   This capability will be in Dec 3, 2018 nightly build.   The behavior is now same as NanoStation XW devices.   POE Passthough is also functional.   

This new capability means the following usage is significantly simplified to setup.   At local community events when setting up ipCams around a parade route or event area, there can be a station with 2 nodes -- incoming link on one channel/band and outgoing link on another channel/band.  This means many HD video quality signals can go through the station as this relay station does not share the same frequency.


2 mesh nodes, 1 ipCam, 1 5-port switch, 4 way power split to all devices, junction box.   Lots of labor and points of failure to build and configure the enclosure and cabling.


2 mesh nodes, 1 ipCam, daisy chain the cat5 cables though these devices, no enclosure.   

Issues to consider when deploying:

1) I've seen a NSM2 XM device reboot when POE passthough was on and a cat5 was connected to my Netgear GS108E switch.  It was in a reboot cycle until I unplugged the CAT5 from the secondary port.   The Mikrotik hAP ac lite will magically turn off POE when there is an improper load.  The Ubiquiti appears to crash.

2) Read up on the specs of the POE power capacity for your devices.   A higher end ipCam with PTZ and IR will likely exceed the capacity and there will be unexpected failures from any and all of the devices.   A 24v supply will enable more power to be supplied to the daisy chain devices.  Direct power feeds should be used if exceeding the power capacity of the pass though.


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