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Release notes for recent AREDN nightly builds (up to NB 2316)

Release notes for recent AREDN nightly builds (up to NB 2316)

Important note - 802.11ac equipment will not function completely properly without nightly build 2316 or later
Added Mikrotik QRT5 support
Added Ubiquiti Nanobeam ac gen1 xc support
Established a more consistent way to provide interface mac address in overrides
Provided a timeout on the iperf client
Now gather statistics about RF links
Updated firmware selector on web page
Set up to refresh LQM’s hostnames periodically
Made iperf3 improvements
Now ignore non-routable when calculating hidden nodes
Now handle missing IP and created more general RF/DTD identification
Now automatically enable RTS when hidden nodes detected

Bug fixes
Fixed "coverage" (distance) calculation in 802.11ac driver.
    (not working correctly for 5 & 10 MHz bandwidths; disabled for now)
Fixed AirRouter port identification
Made sure we never pass ‘nil’ to the json parser
Made sure we look for packages with the correct architecture
Fixed an xlink firewall rule inserted incorrectly
Fixed the netmask on the br-nomesh device (for when RF mesh is disabled)
A node with a single RF link cant have any exposed nodes - corrected
Fixed AR150 port settings
Fixed power offsets on various devices
Fixed Mikrotik boot loader to avoid boot lockup problem
Improved firmware failure error recovery
Filtered out non-routable ARP entries which confuse LQM

Now use Luci’s urldecode_params to handle query strings
Added tiny build notes
A few more devices were tested and changed to "stable" status
Set PowerBeam-M2-400 to stable status
Re-enabled the  kmod-rtc-ds1307 package
Removed a firmware blocker we no longer need
Added a note about the USB150 & AR150 devices
Added "hidden" and "exposed" node statuses to help file
Some initramfs cleanup
Generalized node-setup variable expansion
Removed firewall counters except for specific ports
Created new network configuration code
Reworked the DTD blocking detection
Split the various Mikrotik radios into their individual variants
Clarified the Mikrotik lhg 2nd firmware versions

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