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Release Candidate April 2024

Release Candidate April 2024

AREDN nightly build 20240417 has been designated as the release candidate for the next production release.   If you haven't tried a nightly build recently, we encourage you to do so.  There's a ton of enhancement and updates.  They've all been tested, but having more people use them helps any subtle issues that might be remaining be uncovered.  Here's a list of the many changes since the last production release:


  • Wireguard tunnels

  • Configurable DHCP options

  • Antenna information

  • Watchdog support

  • Remote logging

New Device Support

  • Mikrotik mANTbox 2 12s

  • GL.iNet E750 

  • GL.iNet GL-B1300

  • GL.iNet GL-MT1300

  • GL.iNet AR300M NAND

  • Ubiquiti Litebeam 5AC LR

  • Ubiquiti Nanobeam 2AC

  • Unraid

  • VMWare ESXi


Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated to latest OpenWRT 23.05.3

  • Fixed wifi scan for Ubiquiti AC devices

  • Cache the last wifi scan and update it when a re-scan is requested.

  • Now ignore tracker entries without IP addresses 

  • Limit buffer size of IPerf3 test to 16K

  • Improved IPerf3 API reliability

  • New supernodes will no longer have access to legacy tunnels

    • Legacy tunnels will be removed from supernodes in the next prod release

    • NOTE: in the distant future, legacy tunnels will be completely removed.  Migrate to Wireguard tunnels now and avoid the rush :-)  They’re way better anyway.

    • Wireguard tunnels use a separate port per tunnel. Check the docs prior to implementing.
  • Collapsed QEMU and VMWARE VM hardware into two basic types

  • Validated network override configs

  • Now hide long time idle neighbors

  • Fixed PowerBeam 5AC 400 name

  • Labeled Wireguard tunnels in LQM

  • Added support for dynamic number of Ethernet ports on VMs

  • Don't run iwinfo if we have no wifi

  • Improved hidden node reporting & fixed column alignments

  • Improved link labels (add RF and Wireguard)

  • Improved link monitoring

  • Configuration updates without reboots

  • Unified Neighbors and Mesh pages

  • Firmware downloads:

    • Added retry for failed firmware version downloads 

    • Improved the messaging when failing to retrieve firmware versions

  • Fixed tunnel net display truncation on some browsers

  • Made sure the node names we use for tunnels are always uppercase

  • Switched Nanobeam 2AC to DD-WRT firmware (doesn’t function on 10MHz otherwise)

  • Fix display of NTP update period when it's been changed

  • Add rev DNS lookup for supernode tunnels 

  • Make sure switching WiFi modes forces a reboot.

  • Fixed wan client/no encryption mode

  • Fixed xlink monitoring by LQM

  • Removed fixed tunnel count limits

  • Improve VLAN selection in advanced networking

  • Fixed all x86 mac addresses

  • For x86 devices, make all the bridge mac addresses unique. Gives more flexibility when virtualized.

  • Added extra protection for bad OLSR info

  • Fixed bug in route truncation in low memory situations

  • Now refresh browser cursor on each LQM iteration

UI Changes

  • Ports Page:

    • Added Advanced DHCP Options selector on Port Forwarding, DHCP, and Services page

  • Front Page: 

    • Now show antenna information on the front page

    • Internal antenna info is automatically shown

    • External antenna info may be added on the Basic Setup page

    • Added frequency range on front page to help detection of overlapping channels

  • Basic Status page:

    • Added support for azimuth, elevation, height above ground and external antenna type

    • Note – if the node has azimuth information set, the bearing of its antenna will be displayed on the mesh map by rotation of the node’s pin on this map:

  • Mesh Status page improvements:

    • Added xlink display to remote nodes

    • Fixed LQ display of weighted local links

    • Fixed NLQ display of weighted links (using the LQ weight ... and assume its symmetrical)

    • Now sort the remote node list by ETX, then alphabetically

    • Fixed clearing the mesh search field

    • Another attempt to deal with occasional missing remote hosts

  • Added watchdog support. The watchdog monitors three things:

    • A set of important system daemons. 

    • A set of pingable ip addresses. 

    • A time the node should reboot everyday. 

    • Added countdown timers for reboots and firmware updates.

  • Reboot pages will now refresh once the node is ready rather than after a fixed timeout.

  • Increased wifi retries for noisy links

  • Auto mesh page updates no longer persist

  • Auto scan page updates no longer persist

  • Eliminate duplicate past neighbors

  • Support default /metrics path for Prometheus

  • Fix various color problems on alternate display styles

  • Add green on black style

  • Half olsrd maintenance traffic rate

  • Fix clashing IP address on devices with the same mac address ethernet and wifi hardware

  • Fix Bad Gateway when rebooting from tunnel pages

  • Add CIDR network to Xlinks

  • Provide better xlink information in sysinfo.json

  • Include tunnel information (redacted) in support data dumps

  • Fix badly escaped character in tunnel gmail emails

  • Improve speed and relevance of search on mesh page

  • Fix setup page bug when in DHCP NAT mode



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