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Operational Notes for AREDN


Operational Notes for AREDN™

Before flashing a Ubiquiti device that is running or has been running AirOS version 5.6, please run the AREDN U-Boot Test program below before attempting a firmware load or upgrade.
We have developed the following utility to help you determine if your device is compatible, as well as being able to take a BACKUP of your node’s critical partitions.  
Download and run the AREDN U-Boot Test Setup Program.   If the test results in a "GOOD/GOOD" result, then you may proceed to load the appropriate AREDN firmware onto it. 

If the test results are "BAD," then you should do the following:


  1. Backup your device partitions using the AREDN U-Boot Test program.


  2. Use the AirOS GUI to downgrade to AirOS v5.5.x. 


  3. Re-run the AREDN U-Boot Test program and look for a "GOOD/GOOD" test.


  4. If "GOOD/GOOD", you can safely use the AirOS GUI install AREDN firmware.


Requires Windows 7 or higher and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.

Over the air firmware flash

Beginning with release you can update firmware over-the-air without needing to visit each node.  Use the following steps to upgrade:


  1. From an existing AREDN 3.0.2 node: Download the Over The Air Upgrade Patch “V3.0.2.OTA Support Final” found below






  1. From an existing BBHN 3.1.0 node: Download the Over The Air Upgrade Patch “BBHN V3.1.0 OTA Support Final” found below


  2. Load the patch using the Upload Firmware function on the Administration screen


  3. Give the node a few minutes to reboot


  4. Check the “Keep Settings” box that now appears on the Administration page


  5. Upload the appropriate sysupgrade firmware from the table, below


  6. Give the node 5 minutes to go through two reboot cycles


  7. Node will come up in the new firmware with the old settings in tacked.


If you don’t need to perform an over-the-air upgrade, then simply load the sysupgrade firmware.  Once the release has been installed on a node, subsequent upgrades can be performed over-the-air and, when the box is checked, will preserve existing settings.





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