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New AREDN Production Release Available


New AREDN Production Release Available

AREDN production software version is now available, with many new features and enhancements.   Besides a fix for an RF link issue that snuck past beta testing release, this release contains these fixes and enhancements:


  • Added MTR support via installable package (mtr-nojson).

  • Improved iPerf3 service to provide data line by line rather than at the end.

  • Now use the closest supernode rather than first discovered supernode.

  • Made LQM+OLSRD improvements where weak connections are detected.

  • Now detect "leaf" nodes and prevent them being blocked.


New Device Support

  • Antenna: Mikrotik 30 dBi 5° Dish

  • Antenna: airMAX 2.4 GHz, 24 dBi 6.6° RocketDish

  • Antenna: airMAX 3 GHz, 26 dBi 7° RocketDish

  • Antenna: airMAX 3 GHz, 18 dBi, 120° Sector

  • Antenna: airMAX 3 GHz, 12 dBi Omni

  • Antenna: airMAX 5 GHz, 30 dBi 5.8° RocketDish Light Weight

  • Antenna: Mikrotik 15 dBi 120° Sector

  • Antenna: Mikrotik 19 dBi 120° Sector

  • Antenna: Mikrotik 30 dBi 5° Dish (PA)


Fixes and Improvements

  • Added service validation state to support data.

  • Now name xlink configs.

  • Fixed missing file error when retrieving messages.

  • Simplified olsrd watchdog.

  • Fixed bug requiring reboot when updating tunnels.

  • Now ignore badly formatted service definitions.

  • Updated AREDN® registration marks.

  • Now count Wireguard tunnels in sysinfo.json reporting.

  • Fixed NAT mode: Allow NAT traffic to LAN from all interfaces (WAN, RF, DTD, TUN, WG and XLink).

  • Moved to standard OpenWRT firewall configuration rather than custom rules.

  • Now force DHCP server active even when other servers detected (restore OpenWRT 22.03 behavior).

  • Fixed check-services bug when all services fail.

  • Fixed manager.lua busy wait bug.

  • Fixed hostname alias pattern to allow dns delegation.

  • Now use more reliable system ip-to-hostname lookup rather than hand-rolled version.

  • Fixed status page info for 900MHz devices.

  • Moved all logging into syslog so it can be logged remotely.

  • Changed web, telnet and ssh WAN settings without reboot.



  • There remain problems with the TP-Link CPE710.

  • GL.iNet GL-B1300 does not support negative channels on the 2.4 GHz band.

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