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HTML Map Contest


HTML Map Contest

Hi AREDN Meshers!

The AREDN Team is looking for a few good men (and ladies)!  The new mapping feature that is in needs your help.
As some of you have seen, we have a good, workable KML map file.  We would like to hold a contest to use that KML to create the best HTML based map that we can host on the website.

To create an HTML embedded map that utilizes the AREDN kml files that can be hosted on

Front-end web development: Javascript, CSS, etc.


Your map should include (at minimum) the following (optional) query string parameters:

  • z=(zoom level)
  • lat=(latitude value)
  • lon=(longitude value)

Entries to include:

  • Your name
  • Your callsign
  • A zip file containing all the files required to host your map page.

Entries to be submitted via email to: by 11:00PM Pacific time on April, 30, 2016
Entrants agree that has full rights to use and/or modify the files and host on (or another property, as deemed appropriate by the AREDN team)


  • One personalized (w/your callsign) AREDN travel mug
  • Map credits on
  • One official AREDN embroidered patch
  • Two official AREDN vinyl node labels

Winner to be decided by the AREDN community on the Official AREDN website/forums.
All votes must be registered on the AREDN forums “contest topic” by 11:00PM Pacific time on May, 31, 2016

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