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Hamvention 2017 Day 1

​Hamvention 2017 Day 1

What an amazing, delightful and thoroughly exhausting day it has been!

The new location at the Greene County Fairgrounds is great, and while I am sure there will be a number of things that need to be improved for next year, overall this site is a winner for Hamvention. DARA and the hundreds (thousands?) of volunteers who worked to make this event successful are to be commended and thanked for their efforts.

We had a lot of traffic at the booth on Friday. There were many interesting conversations with hams from all over the U.S, Canada and Europe. The mini classes have been well-attended. Even though the classes are short - only 15 to 20 minutes - most people found them useful. They give us the opportunity to have extended talks about specific subjects. We'll post a lot of this information on the website in the near future.

All mini class attendees get a ticket for a door prize drawing. We draw the winning tickets at 3:30 pm and you must be present at our booth to collect a door prize. Yesterday we awarded two prizes to hams whose names and photos will be posted later. The prizes were a Nanostation Loco M2 and an AirRouter HP. Today, Saturday, we are giving away three similar prizes.

Today at 1:30 pm in Forum Room 2, Andre K6AH will give his presentation on how to deploy a large scale AREDN Network. We hope to see you there.

I can't close this short report without paying tribute to our friends at the Miami Valley Mesh Alliance who made it possible for us to be at Hamvention. They are tireless, knowledgeable and cheerful. Thank you MVMA from the AREDN project!

It is early morning, but I have to get moving and back to the Hamvention booth. I hope to see you there.
-Randy WU2S

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