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Getting Started Guide

AREDN Getting Started Guide

Thanks to a great suggestion and some content from Steve KC0EUW, we now have an AREDN document repository on GitHub. To get us going, Steve created a Getting Started Guide which answers your initial questions.

If you just want to read what is in the library, you can select Getting Started Guide from the dropdown menu under Docs, or you can view the docs on Read The Docs.

If you are interested in contributing to the rapidly growing set of AREDN related information, you can easily do so on GitHub. This works the same way as if you were contributing code to the project.

After you setup your GitHub account, you should:

1) FORK the repository to your GitHub account.

2) Then, to send updates or additions, checkout your repository from<your account>/documentation, commit local changes you have made (additions or corrections to the AREDN docs), push to origin (your repository).

3) Create a pull request.

The AREDN team will then review your request just as it does for code changes.

We think using GitHub for project related documents will make them more accessible and encourage the mesh networking community to contribute their ideas.


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