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Device-to-Device Linking (DtDLink)


Device-to-Device Linking (DtDLink)

The following figures show various ways to connect multiple nodes together at a single site.

The 802.1q switch and the AREDN nodes implement VLANs as follows:


  • Built in to the node and is always defined as "gateway access to another network (internet)".
  • There is no DHCP to turn on/off on the node for this interface.
  • The foreign network is expected to have a DHCP server turned on.


  • Built in to the node and is used to enable the nodes to 'mesh' together and share routing information and related traffic.

VLAN10, VLAN21 VLAN63, etc

  • For all the devices to be on a given node's LAN.
  • The node is configured to advertise the device's service to the mesh.
  • DHCP is turned on/off for the LAN of the node to issue IP addresses to the devices.
  • You cannot have more than one node trying to service DHCP requests at the same time to the same device.  The 802.1q switch isolates the devices to a single node that shares the same VLAN port designation.



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