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Bill Kreutinger holds a General class ham radio license and currently serves as the technical director and chief radio officer of Tri-Cities RACES, serving the cities of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point. He served in the NY Army National Guard and as an auxiliary police officer in Niagara County, NY before moving to California in 2014. 

That, and his several years working in the electronics industry and life-long love of computers and technology made AREDN a keen area of interest when he first learned about it in 2018. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill, like many of us, picked up a couple “pandemic hobbies”- gardening and AREDN.

Since then, Bill has advised and helped train EmCom groups from the Adirondacks to the West Coast on AREDN. While Bill’s garden is now dead and generally untended, his regional AREDN network is stronger than ever, providing substantial coverage to 3 cities, with equipment located at an EOC, two Community Centers and other strategic locations, and supporting digital services including live IP camera feeds, an NTP server, Google Docs-like collaborative file editing with Nextcloud, TeamTalk5 for virtual meetings and screen sharing, maps, geolocation and routing, VOIP phones, TAK/WinTAK and Winlink.


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