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AREDN Release Notes v3.22.1.0

AREDN® Release Notes v3.22.1.0 16 January 2022


The AREDN team is pleased to announce the general availability of the latest stable release of AREDN firmware.


This release includes many significant improvements in the underlying OpenWRT code and stability/scalability fixes to the OLSR mesh routing protocol.


List of Changes:

  1. The AREDN  simplified firmware filename standard has been changed to the default OpenWRT convention to leverage data files created at build time for future automation of firmware selection.

    When installing this firmware release, from prior firmware versions, you may get an error message similar to

    “This filename is NOT appropriate for this device.“
    “This device expects a file such as: aredn-*sysupgrade.bin”
    “Click OK to continue if you are CERTAIN that the file is correct”

    Ensure that you are loading the correct file by referring to the downloads page, then safely ignore the warning.   Once this release is loaded, this error message will never occur again.


  1. When the size of the hostname and service advertisements exceeded the size of a single network packet, only IP addresses would be known.  The advertised services and hostname would not propagate to other nodes on the network.  The OLSR routing protocol was changed to fix this.

  2. The OLSR scalability failure, commonly called “OLSR storms”, has been fixed.  Large networks with hundreds of nodes would experience cycles of routing disruption, making the network unusable.  

  3. SNR history may be missing neighbor node names – fixed.

  4. When defining a local location of packages in Advanced Configuration, there was no way to change the location of some packages obtained from the upstream Freifunk group.    The Advanced Configuration page now has a row to define this local location.

  5. Performance improvements were made to the Mesh Status page based on results from the large scale stress test on Oct 31, 2021.

  6. Local alerts as configured on the Advanced Configuration page can now have zones which allow a mesh user to subscribe to alert messages affecting a specific locale.

  7. The allowed number of tunnel connections is now configurable on the Advanced Configuration page.

  8. There are numerous API updates.


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