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AREDN Release

AREDN production release  is now available

The AREDN development team has shifted into high gear with this third release of 2022!  This production release adds the many fixes and enhancements made since


  • Dealt with LAN on AR300M always having the same MAC address.
  • Fixed default DHCP limits in NAT mode if fields are blank.
  • Fixed a "do not propagate" issue when reserving DHCP names.
  • Fixed tactical names.
  • Fully validate node and tactical names; give better messages when invalid.
  • Prevent < and > from being used in service names.
  • Correct map update claiming success when it actually fails.
  • Added device definition for Ubiquiti PBE M5 300-ISO.
  • Some Ubiquiti Powerbeams: keep 100MB as the only port speed, but let the port auto-negotiate with the switch to fix throughput issues.
  • Fixed display of unknown radio models.


  • Added a service alert icon.
  • Adjusted the Administration page display. (advanced WAN moved to AdvConfig page)
  • Added changeable WAN VLAN support to the Mikrotik hAP and AR300M.
  • Allowed display of longer filenames (wider field).
  • Now run an hourly check on published service and “unpublish” any which aren’t really available.  Re-enabled services will be republished automatically.
  • Added a visual indicator to show when a service is not being published.
  • Made “Keep Settings” more prominent.
  • Renamed Support Data file extension from tgz to gz (to allow them to be easily added to a forum post and/or github issues).
  • Allow zero length WAN WiFi client passphrases.
  • Allow LQM auto-distance to be overridden.
  • Further improvements in LQM.
  • Password visibility toggles on setup page.
  • Added connection status feedback when using WAN WiFi.
  • Status page now shows if you’re using wired or WiFi WAN.
  • Updated the HTML Help file to reflect these changes.


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