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AREDN Release 23.8.0

AREDN Release Available

There have been over 70 nightly releases of the AREDN codebase since the last production release in April of 2023. Here are the highlights of the latest production release:              


  • Added Prometheus Metrics (meant for use with monitoring apps like Grafana)
  • SSH, TELNET and HTTP access to a node via the WAN port can now be disabled from the advanced configuration page.
  • Improved handling of unsupported hardware.
  • Use wifi assoc list when looking for unresponsive nodes
  • Allow MTU on wifi interface to be modified
  • Minor wifi monitor improvements for better metrics reporting
  • Merge all the station monitoring and mitigation into a single service
  • Support xlinks on x86
  • Remove subnet restrictions for xlinks
  • Support switching mesh radio on multi-radio devices
  • UI improvements from AB7PA
  • Upgrade to OpenWRT 22.03.5 
  • Added Advanced Networking tab
  • Feedback when pressing upload/download buttons
  • Virtualized X86 support
  • Restructure, modularize and tidy up the navigation buttons and menus
  • Remove hardwired frequency tables and use information from the hardware instead
  • Note devices which support the danger-upgrade process
  • Allow the “&” character in service paths
  • Added support for group alert messages

Known Issues

  • Wifi scanning on Ubiquiti AC devices does not return all found devices, only ones already associated with the node.

New Devices Added

  • New LiteBeam AC Gen2 variant
  • Mikrotik LDF 5AC 
  • Mikrotik LDF2
  • PowerBeam 5ac-620 support 

Bug Fixes

  • Fix x86 upgrades (naming is a little odd)
  • Fix Mikrotik first install
  • Re-enable AREDN’s reset button behavior (was being overridden by OpenWrt’s)
  • Revert PowerBeam 5AC 400 name change which caused upgrade problems
  • Remove another coverage test which causes problems
  • Fix MTU failure which broke node setup
  • Avoid error if mac disappears across a radio reset
  • Monitor bug fixes
  • Fix bug when editing xlinks on single port devices
  • Enhance ‘has_wifi’ detection
  • Handle non-wifi devices passed to maxpower/pwroffset functions 
  • Fix LUA converting empty port object to empty array. 
  • Alternate ath9k and ath10k radio reset for deaf nodes
  • Fix API nil pointer when mac lookup fails
  • Disable WAN access to node by default
  • Fix disabled mesh on multi-wifi devices
  • Split rocket-m[52]-xw into different builds
  • Enable Rocket M XW (accidentally disabled when splitting out the M2 version)
  • Fix wifi setup for multi-radio devices 05/08/2023
  • Add missing radios.json for Powerbeam 5AC 400 05/07/2023 
  • Remove old PBE 100mb fix and /etc/rc.local where it was included
  • Fix channel display for 5GHz nodes
  • Tidy up the formatting and fix column widths
  • Fix syntax error in patch that broke network on many ath79 devices
  • Fix ar300m16 wan configuration 04/25/2023
  • Fix frequency range reporting and display for 900MHz & 3GHz devices
  • Tolerate missing frequency list
  • Fix missing POE for nanostation-m
  • Remove ar300m nand and nor builds which are causing confusion
  • Fix local message refresh 

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