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​AREDN Map Now on Home Page

A map of the currently known AREDN nodes is available under the Map menu item on the main menu bar. You can also download KML files of the node location to use with Google Earth.

The collection of How-To articles is now found as a sub-menu under the Docs menu item on the main menu bar.

Please consider uploading the coordinates of your AREDN nodes per the instructions below.

Optional Settings on AREDN Basic Setup Page

If you choose, you can specify your latitude, longitude, and gridsquare for location purposes. The lat/lon values should be in decimal format (ex. 30.444522 and -95.111234).

  • The Find Me! button to use your location aware browser to populate the values. This works very well if you are viewing this page from a mobile device with a built-in GPS.

  • Use the Apply Location Settings button to persist the lat/lon and gridsquare values. A "Save Changes" button click is not required for these settings.

  • If you have an active internet connection available, the "Show Map" and "Upload Data to AREDN Servers" buttons will become active.

  • The Show Map button will display a map that allows you to click on the position where your node is located, or, to drag an existing marker to a different location on the map. Both of these activities will automatically update the lat/lon fields on the page.

  • The Upload Data to AREDN Servers button will send your node information (no highly sensitive data such as passwords are sent) to an AREDN server on the internet. By submitting this information you hereby allow AREDN to publish your node location on a public mapping service and utilize the information for other such reasons as AREDN determines to be useful, including but not limited to statistical analysis. If you wish to remove your node location from the public mapping service, simply clear/erase your lat/lon values, "Apply Location Settings", and then "Upload Data to AREDN Servers".


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