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AREDN endorses Battlemesh v12

AREDN endorses Battlemesh v12

AREDN supports this year’s “Wireless Battle of the Mesh – Building Community Networks for Fun and Non-Profit”.

AREDN software uses OLSRv1 protocol for managing IP routing.   The AREDN development team closely watches the improvements made by participants in the Battlemesh events. We plan to use these enhancements in future AREDN releases as the mobile adhoc mesh routing protocols evolve.

This year’s Battlemesh event will take place in Saint-Denis (Paris), France from Monday to Sunday, July 8 through July 14, 2019. The location is at a 5 to10 minute  walk from the Saint-Denis railway station on the Train H (faster) or RER D, both easily accessible from the center of Paris. Make sure to buy a ticket for zone 3. The street address is  Le 6B, 6-10 quai de Seine, 93200 Saint-Denis, France.

The event itself is free of charge and open for all!

Battlemesh brings people together from around the globe who are interested in wireless mesh networks, community networks and DIY Internet access providers.  The organizers envision 7 days full of expert presentations, practical workshops, late-night hacking sessions, and fruitful discussions. Whether you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking activist, protocol developer, or have an interest in networking in general, join the fun at Battelmesh.

Battlemesh plans to expand the topics beyond wireless, with a dual focus on fiber and community. You will be able to meet developers from the most popular open source mesh protocol implementations: Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N. L3 and L2, BMX6, IEEE 802.11s, OLSR.

For more information about the event, accommodations, and the schedule of talks and workshops, visit the Battlemesh website at

Visit the AREDN website at
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