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AREDN Documentation PDF

Using AREDN Documentation

It is now easier than ever to read and save the AREDN documentation you need.
To find it, go to the blue main menu bar on the AREDNmesh home page and hover your cursor over the third item DOCS.
When the dropdown menu appears, move your cursor over the first item -- ONLINE DOCS -- and click it using the left mouse button.
A new page will appear [] with the latest set of published documents.
At the bottom left of the page, at the bottom of the Table of Contents column, you will see Read the Docs    v:latest ⯆ 

Read the Docs menu dropdown in Table of Contents

The v:latest ⯆ indicates that you are viewing the latest version of the documents and the symbol tells you there is a dropdown menu where you can select more choices.
Click on the ⯆ symbol and a more extensive menu appears.where you can download the document as a PDF, an HTML file or an Epub file. 

Read the Docs menu dropdown in Table of Contents select file type

We update our documentation frequently, so check back often for updates. You can also see what changes we have recently made by reviewing them in the AREDN Documentation repository on GitHub at

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