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Recent Software Updates


We're still quite a ways from an AREDN software Release Candidate and there's been many useful updates in the nightly builds.  Here's a summary of what's new in the nightly builds (some very cool stuff!)

Added Devices

  • Mikrotik mANTbox 2 12s

  • GL.iNet E750 

  • Ubiquiti Litebeam 5AC LR 

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Many reboots needed when saving changes have been removed.

  • Added support for Wireguard tunnels

  • Added x86 to SUPPORTED_DEVICES

  • Ignore tracker entries without IP addresses 

  • Limit buffer size of IPerf3 test to 1K

  • New supernodes no longer have access to legacy tunnels

    • Legacy tunnels will be removed from supernodes in the next prod release

    • NOTE: in the distant future, legacy tunnels will be completely removed. Migrate to Wireguard tunnels now and avoid the rush :-) They’re way better anyway.

  • Collapsed QEMU and VMWARE VM hardware into two basic types

  • Validated network override configs

  • Now hide long time idle neighbors

  • Fixed PowerBeam 5AC 400 name

  • Labeled Wireguard tunnels in LQM

  • Added support for...

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Updated date: Thursday, February 29, 2024 - 16:30

AREDN Release

Here are the release notes for AREDN production release, derived from nightly build 20231018


Added supernode support.

"Supernodes" are specially configured AREDN nodes in various locations which support a "mesh of meshes". With this release your localnode will automatically detect a nearby supernode, if one exists, and will show a new button on the Mesh Status page, labeled "Cloud Mesh". Clicking on that button will take you to the Mesh Status page of that supernode and show you all the nodes and services on the Cloud Mesh. You can navigate to any of them as though they were on your local mesh.

The URL for the supernode map is Clicking on any of the node types in the upper-right-hand corner of the map will filter all other nodes out, showing only the types selected.

Remember and reinstall packages after firmware upgrade (AFTER this version is installed)

Simplified search tool

Added LZ77 decompression for Mikrotik firmware, which is now using a different compression method


  • Now run cron.boot tasks earlier
  • Changed poll rate default to one hour
  • Added installable cron package for people who need more functionality 

Improved dual radio...

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Updated date: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - 13:17

Locations of AREDN SuperNodes


Click HERE to view the map and SELECT Supernode from the legend at the the top right of the map

Thanks to KN6PLV for his work on the Supernode code and map!


Updated date: Friday, November 10, 2023 - 09:51

Nightly Build Status 21 Sep 2023

Since the last AREDN  software production release, there have been a number of nightly builds, some of which contain significant enhancements.  As usual, the AREDN devs would appreciate some helping testing the updates.    Here's a list of the most significant ones.

  • If you're planning on buying a new Mikrotik device, you'll need to install a recent nightly build on it.  Mikrotik has changed their code's compression algorithm, and the AREDN code has been modified to accommodate it and allow successful software installations.
  • The Search function has been streamlined
  • An installable cron package has been added for people who need more functionality than the built-in cron support
  • If you've downloaded and added extra packages to a node, after updating to the latest nightly build, later builds will remember those packages and download and reinstall the correct versions for you.
  • Support for wildcard DNS entries has been added.  This was done to support installing Sandstorm on a local computer.  Sandstorm is an "app support platform" that lets you install and offer out over 70 web-based apps  to your local AREDN community.   It could be an excellent local support tool. [Note that any potential user of the Sandstorm platform will need to have a currently nightly build on their localnode].
  • Added support for the supernode ...
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Updated date: Tuesday, September 26, 2023 - 22:24



NG1P April 2022 Wireless Mesh Using AREDN

Bill Richardson NG1P presents his views on organizing an AREDN mesh network in Maine at the ARRL Convention in Lewiston, Maine on April 1 and 2, 2022. 
The presentation is here.

AE6XE on YouTube Hamfest 23 May 2020

Joe AE6XE described typical AREDN deployment scenarios with Ham Radio 2.0 host Jason KC5HWB. He offered advice on how to get started and choosing suitable devices.
His presentation slide deck is here.

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