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WIFI Bandwidth

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WIFI Bandwidth

I read somewhere the bandwidth for 20 MHZ is actually 22 MHZ, 10 MHZ is actually 11 MHZ, and could vary depending on the mode (speed?) used.

even if 10 MHZ B/W is actually 10,  it would seem there's no buffer room when at the band edge.

so...   if I'm on channel 184 (5.920 GHZ) using 10 MHZ B/W, is all of my signal below the upper band edge of 5.925 GHZ?


Richard   ko0ooo

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802.11[,a,b,g,n,] bandwidth

Hi, Richard:

Indeed; 802.11a and 802.11b are 22 Mhz wide.
802.11g,n,ac are multiples or divisions of 20 MHz (5,10,20,40,80).

I hope this helps, Chuck


thanks Chuck


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The 22MHz channel is with

The 22MHz channel is with Spread Spectrum modulation, which was a standard implemented in 2GHz band, and also used on 900Mhz Ubiqiti devices. This is the 802.11b standard. Of course 2GHz now does the newer standards so also 20MHz channels.

With 5GHz, and 3GHz ubiqiti devices, only OFDM modulation was in the 802.11 specs in use and 20MHz channels.


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