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Voltage detection: Router OS: Mikrotik mUPS

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Voltage detection: Router OS: Mikrotik mUPS


"In RouterOS it is possible to detect when running on battery
power by monitoring the input voltage with scripting, since the
voltage will change without a RouterOS reboot."

Discovered after reading a forum topic here that Mikrotik's Router OS can detect input voltage with 'scripting'.
Might this 'scripting' be available in OpenWRT -- AREDN firmware via its BusyBox CLI ?
Use case:
This sure would be handy when bench prototyping possible 'long' cable runs to single/multiple nodes.

73, Chuck


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RouterOS can only show

RouterOS can only show voltage, temp, etc, if the hardware supports it.    I don't recall seeing any information, that the Mikrotik hardware AREDN firmware runs on, has support for this.  A quick search isn't turning up anything.


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if the hardware supports it.

Well, Joe, you are clouding the issue with facts and logic!
I do have a 'RouterBoard' 'PowerBox' here-abouts that someone helped my configure some time ago.
IIRC it has a 'delivered' voltage display on its multiple ports.
It should do nicely for 'on the bench -- long cable length tests'.
vy 73, Chuck


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