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Tunnel(s) will not activate

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Tunnel(s) will not activate

Upgraded Nano Loco (XW) to nightly build 1022 and neither of my two tunnels will activate.  I have reloaded the node's firmware serveral times and still no activiation.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.



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Did you upgrade tunnel software too?

Did you upgrade tunnel software too? After loading the new firmware, the tunnel software needs to be reloaded.

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still no activation.

Hi, Hank:

If these are the client side:
Enabled? Server Pwd Network Active Action
X'ed? domain-name/IP address ??? 172.31.xx.yyy

Is the enabled box X'ed?
When you upgraded, the node name should not have changed. ?
Did you re-enter the domain-name or IP address of the tunnel server correctly?
" Password " ?
" Network address " ?

If these are the server side:
Enabled X'ed ?
Client Node name must be exact, tho' automagically upper-cased.
Password and Net address matches?

Hope this helps, Chuck

Thanks.  I got it working.  I

Thanks.  I got it working.  I had renamed the node - busting the tunnel connections.  I have renamed the node back to the original name.

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yep.   That will do it....  ;

yep.   That will do it....  ;-)

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