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Request to Testers for Release Candidate

Request to Testers for Release Candidate

The AREDN development team has completed significant improvements to the current stable firmware. Several security fixes are now in place.
The changes in this release include:

  • Security vulnerabilities in various OLSR plugins are fixed. Please note that all prior versions of AREDN and BBHN firmware are affected

  • Removal of the OLSR “httpinfo” plugin and the corresponding “OLSR Status” button on the menu. If you need to get the OLSR data, use the OLSR jsoninfo plugin on port 9090

  • Added device protection from bricking if running AirOS 5.6+ when updating to AREDN.  Now you can simply TFTP AirOS back onto the device and downgrade properly before upgrading to AREDN

You can download the firmware here

Please report any issues to the AREDN GitHub and indicate that your issue is on v3.16.2.0

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