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Only seen locally by IP address: MikroTik RouterBOARD 952Ui-5ac2nD

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Only seen locally by IP address: MikroTik RouterBOARD 952Ui-5ac2nD

I put 'aredn-566-cf46315-mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M-ac-sysupgrade.bin'
on new 'hAP'.
When either RF on 2 GHz or DtD connected,
the Mikrotik appears to my LAN mesh devices with an IP address.
Clicking the IP address takes my browser to the hAP.
The entire area mesh looks fine from the hAP's screen.
The RF neighbor and every DtD neighbor only shows an IP address.
'cgi-bin//mesh Current Neighbors'

Thus the 'Node Name' is not propagating beyond its RF or DtD neighbors.
I have tested with and without 'LAN Access Point' enabled.

Here is some sysinfo.json on the 2 devices used:

firmware_version "556-d188fcf"
board_id "0x0000"
firmware_mfg "AREDN"
model "MikroTik RouterBOARD 952Ui-5ac2nD "

firmware_version ""
board_id "0xe867"
firmware_mfg "AREDN"
model "NanoStation Loco M2 XW "

Support data attached.

The selected file supportdata-NC8Q-uTik-hAP-201812181528.tgz cannot be uploaded. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: txt, pdf, pcap, doc, docx, xls, xlsx.

OK, I changed the extension to .pdf. Watchout!


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This issue is captured here

This issue is captured here:

OLSR is not propagating the node's hostname.  This occurs infrequently after boot.   The workaround for now is to reboot or to manually run the command, "/etc/init.d/olsrd restart".     Some have put this command at the end (before the last "}" in /etc/init.d/local .   This will then restart olsrd shortly after linux boots to ensure it doesn't go into this mode when you need to count on it.     The node is always accessible across the mesh using the IP address instead of the hostname when this condition occurs.


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"/etc/init.d/olsrd restart"

Hi, Joe:

Thanks. I was looking for that command this AM.
I am saving a browser link to 'issues/204'. :-|


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