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mikrotik dish comments...

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mikrotik dish comments...

I haven't seen any posts on the Mikrotik dish, so thought I'd share my experience with the RBLHG-5HPnD-XL-US

I purchased it thru Streakwave...    they said it was ROW and required a copy of my amateur license.   I told them the FCC no longer issues paper and furnished them the link to the FCC database.   I also signed a released they sent via email.     two days later the dish arrived.

after reading Ray's, KK6RAY, tutorial for windows a couple of times, and two beers to boost my courage, I went ahead.

the Mikrotik dish had an IP of, so keep that in mind when creating a static IP on your computer.

follows Ray's instructions for loading the .elf file

at this point I was confused with the .bin to use, so I picked the first one...    aredn-746-f6e5832-mikrotik-nand-large-sysupgrade.bin

the filed loaded, but the Mikrotik never rebooted.   being stubborn (I'm of Russian descendants) I did it again.   and again the Mikrotik didn't reboot.

for my third time I picked this .bin     aredn-746-f6e5832-mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M-sysupgrade.bin    which worked.     

the Mikrotik replaced an AirGrid M5 27dbi on a 26 mile link.     Mikrotik states max data thruput is with 25dBm of power..  Ubiquiti states the AirGrid's max data thruput is with 24dBm.    the signal to noise is about the same with either dish on my end, but the receiving stations SNR improved about 3db with the Mikrotik.     I assume this is due to the extra dBm of power and the MIMO of the Mikrotik.

I like this Mikrotik.    it didn't brick when I used the wrong .bin (twice)    was easy to assembly and easy to hang on my tower at 45' in a 30 mph breeze.    time will tell how it holds up this summer in 112 degree Vegas heat.

Richard     ke7xo

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Thanks for that report

Thanks for that report Richard! I was thinking about that device for deployment up in the mountains of Idaho when I return there. However, I guess the use of this optional little hard-candy shell:  would kinda cook the radio by the middle of the summer down here in LV.

- Don - AA7AU


Awesome to hear. I just ordered 2 of the same model... Keep us posted with any udates.

another Mikrotik

yesterday I installed another RBLHG-5HPnD-XL-US      this one replaced a Bullet M5 and a 30dbi open grid dish on a 14 mile link

the results are amazing...    data thruput has almost doubled to 18MBps       SNR has improved by almost 4db

I do like these Mikrotik's....

Richard     ke7xo

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