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MeshChat Installation Stalled

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MeshChat Installation Stalled

I have been following the steps on this site: to install meshchat on a Raspberry PI.

Now I'm at this point

Now on the pi edit the file /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ to enter the zone and AREDN node that has the API package installed. Edit these two lines:

our $pi_zone = 'LWMeshChat';
our $local_meshchat_node = 'localnode';

What is the zone?  How do you select a zone?

Thanks in advance.

Hank / K1DOS
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MeshChat operates in Zones. 

MeshChat operates in Zones.  Your MeshChat installation will sync with other nodes in the same zone.  Unless you have some reason to do otherwise, use MeshChat.  For example, if your local disaster group (that you want to communicate with) uses something else, use the zone name that they use.

MeshChat Zones

MeshChat zones can also be used to segment the traffic.  As K6CCC suggests use MeshChat for everything but if you want to communicate only in your local disaster group use something else.  The setting is a choice.  There is no registry only a convention that you choose.

"could not get lock" error

I can send messages on the system and see them locally but I do not see any sync messages from anyone else?

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Although I don’t think that

Although I don’t think that is your issue, did you install the api on th AREDN node that your Pi is connected to?

OS Version May Be The Issue

I had the same issue.  Are you using the ‘stretch’ version of raspbian on your pi, perhaps?  There is a in the same folder.

Please execute the following as any user:
uname -a

Please advise.

File Location?

What folder is the file in?  I am new to Linux.

MeshChat Config

The configurations for MeshChat 1.02 has a second configuration file for the stretch distribution of raspbian.  The configuration files live at /usr/lib/cgi-bin.  uname -a will tell you what version of the kernel you’re using.  To edit the  config, you will need an editor such as vi or nano.

Here is the response to the

Here is the response to the uname -a command.
Linux K1DOS-MeshChat 4.19.42-v7+ #1219 SMP Tue May 14 21:20:58 BST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux

Solution To Issue


You do have stretch installed and I worked through exactly the same issue about 3 weeks ago.  This issue has already been identified and corrected with a patch from Trevor in MeshChat 1.02.  Please review the following link:

Getting there


Making progress.  It seems the MeshChat is syncing up now.  No I am trying to figure out how to update the node URL link for my station.  Right now it navagates to an Apache "it works page."

Updating the Index.html page in Apache


There are two ways to do this.  One is to update the /var/www/html/index.html (or alternate location on your pi) file which is used as the index page on your Apache2 web server.  The other way is to move the root to /var/www/html/meshchat.  I performed the first method and is the recommended method.  This is the method employed on my pi lnacspi-a.local.mesh.  The second method is more involved and to do that you will need to modify the Apache2 configuration file and restart the Apache2 server.  The Apache2 conf lives at /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.  To restart the server you should do something like: service apache2 restart.  I hope that helps.

Sorry for dumb question

I have looked at the /var/www/html/index.html - how is this update?  What change is made?

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What change is made?

The change is made on the 'advertised services' page on the mesh node,
not on the web server.


change your link in the Advertised Services section of the Port Forwarding, DHCP, and Services page on the node to the nodename/meshchat. For example mine is: http://k6ccc-raspi-3b.local.mesh/meshchat

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No need to make any mod on

No need to make any mod on the Pi.  Just change your link in the Advertised Services section of the Port Forwarding, DHCP,  and Services page on the node to the nodename/meshchat.  For example mine is:  http://k6ccc-raspi-3b.local.mesh/meshchat

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