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Mesh Map - Not displaying all the nodes

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Mesh Map - Not displaying all the nodes

I've read through a number of posts but I don't have a definitive understanding as to why the other nodes we've setup in the area aren't showing on the map. I poke the magical "upload data to AREDN servers", and get the response that it's been updated.  The coordinates are valid as you can click show map and it does plop you where it is.  The ones that aren't working don't have a direct internet connection, but do have access to the internet via the other two nodes that are showing on the map.  So I'm wondering if it will only show the nodes that have a direct WAN connection working?  Those that aren't working all start with the call "WC8EC-"

Two  questions about the

Two  questions about the Nodes that are not showing up.
1. Do those nodes have a Lat/Log set in their configuration ?
2. The Long is a minus number ( eg. -94.222 )

This is easy to check in the meshmap database.

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One other check...if there

One other check...if there are other nodes close by, zoom in as close as possible and place your mouse over the visible node and you may see the node hidden under pop out!
Denis KD1HA

Those are simple things

Yes all those things are correct.  Obviously the button isn't grayed out since I was able to press it and it told me the map had been updated. Yes the coords are correct. I understand its suppose to be a negative.  As I indicated, I can click the map button and it shows me exactly where it should be on the map. No, they aren't that close together they are not on top of each other.  Doesn't make any sense to me.  If it wasn't posting the data, why would it tell me it is.  The only two that are displaying are those that actually have the local WAN connection.  The other 4 do not have a WAN connection enabled and get to the internet via one of the other two.  The default gateway shows the correct node with the WAN enabled and internet, so thats correct.  It has to be something with the MAP logic that I'm not aware of.


The names of these nodes do not exist in the KML exports.  Which is why I believe there's something going on with the map logic.

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something going on with the map

Yes, there is something going on with the map.
My LHG-HP5nD-XL is displaying as a 2 GHz device instead of 5 GHz.

Any update on the Map issue

We have been adding multiple nodes in our area but is not being updated on the Map.  This map is very beneficial to have a motivating factor to all those ham operators who have said they will get on the Mesh when more antennas are active.  Any estimate when this will be working?


Heber - NP4JN

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Try it now...

Try it now...

Its working now, thanks

Its working now, thanks

Heber NP4JN

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