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locking out tunnels

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locking out tunnels

one of our users opened a tunnel into the Vegas network, adding several dozen nodes to our local MESH

many of these nodes have a two digit ETX.

is there a way to filter and/or lock out nodes with a high ETX?

Richard    ke7xo

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not at the moment, but, there

not at the moment, but, there is a feature in the issues list to do a node blacklist

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This is a different issue

I believe that Richard is asking about filtering/blocking based on ETX "distance" not necessarily against specific nodes - like a cutoff.

The difference today, with the reconstituted tunnel (from a single connection) compared to yesterday is *dramatic* here in LV now - we are overwhelmed with all the SoCal nodes now being parsed and presented.

I believe this should be written up as a separate feature request.

- Don - AA7AU

edited to add: "OLSR Entries Total = 1347"

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Ah yes.

Ah yes.
"I believe this should be written up as a separate feature request." - I agree.

Testing the tunnel feature

I would like to test the tunnel from my mesh here in Italy to somewhere in US. Is there somebody available for help ?
Looking forward, 73 de Leo  AC2OG/I3RKE 

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Tunnel to US

Yes, Leo.  Please send me a private message with the node name that you will use as a tunnel client and I wil send you the tunnel server login information.

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