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Install AREDN on Mikrotik LHG-XL-HP5: step 11

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Install AREDN on Mikrotik LHG-XL-HP5: step 11

Alls seems well until step 11:
I got to 'http://192.168./1.1:8080/cgi/bin/admin, logged in 'root' 'hsmm'.

Please expound upon ' "choose file" the .bin firmware file'.

Do you mean under 'Firmware Update', click the 'browse' button and select one of the 3 *.bin files:

Which or all 3 ?


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This may help you help me

Firmware Update screen:
current version: 509-303c509
hardware type: mikrotik (rb-lhg-5hpnd-xl)

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It's the last one in the list

It's the last one in the list here:

Mikrotik RBLHG-5HPnD-XL mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M 64Mb stable
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Mikrotik RBLHG-5HPnD-XL

:-) Got it! Thanks.
The filename wasn't a perfect match to what the AREDN-in-RAM was expecting,
but it was close enough. Up and running inside the workshop and DtD'ed to
the local mesh network.


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Just in case,  make sure the

Just in case,  make sure the "​mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M" image was loaded and not the "​mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M-ac".    Not sure, the "ac" image might load with no problem,  just takes up extra flash/ram with additional drivers for 802.11ac that are unused.

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802.11ac version

Umm... **cough** I can confirm that the -ac version of the firmware loads properly.  :-/

Orv W6BI

Bad Gateway

Trying to flash RBLHG-5HPnD-XL-US.
I get the ARDEN status page with a big banner saying "UNSUPPORTED HARWARE"
When I goto the admin and try to up load the SYSUPGRADE  I get "BAD GATEWAY" error and it stops

What did I muck up?

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Trying to flash RBLHG-5HPnD-XL-US.

Which .elf and which .bin?
I recommend the current Nightly Build.
aredn-84-99305c5-ar71xx-mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M-sysupgrade.bin 2021-01-28 09:57 6.8M
aredn-84-99305c5-ar71xx-mikrotik-vmlinux-initramfs.elf 2021-01-28 09:57 9.2M

Mikrotik has been changing its model names.
Usually by prepending 'RB' to the former model name.
This has been since was released.
I hope this helps,

That worked!! Thanks & 73's!!

That worked!!
Thanks & 73's!!

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