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GL-AR750 "Creta" ARDEN Feature Set

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GL-AR750 "Creta" ARDEN Feature Set


I was wonder is there a way in the firmware to allow for the USB to support in build for the ​GL-AR750 "Creta".  I have one and installed AREDN build it works great but I would like to connect my cell phone an Internet connection and allow for the node to connect to my server node.  The cell phone be USB tethered to the GL-AR750 "Creta" sharing internet connection. Is this even possible?



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It is possible now to put the

It is possible now to put the cell phone in a hotspot mode, turn off the Mesh RF off, then turn on the WAN wifi client to connect to the hotspot.


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Is Jeremiah trying to tether his phone over USB?

If Jeremiah s trying to connect his phone via USB that brings all kinds of other challenges in software, including connecting LTE modems.
I would like to bring up a whole new issue soon of using LTE modems in USB ports and MiniPCIe slots of the GL and MikroTik devices.

-Damon K9CQB

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