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AREDN testing needed!

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AREDN testing needed!

AREDN nightly build 84 needs your testing!  It includes a rebase from openwrt 19.07.3 to 19.07.6.  That brought all of the recent security and other upgrades into the nightly build.  When the AREDN devs have gotten enough feedback, they'll do a point release which will pull in the rebase plus many new devices and other misc changes that are currently now only in the nightly build.

So go forth and test!


Orv W6BI

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I system upgraded 3

I system upgraded 3 nanostation M3 nodes. 1 took the upgrade and rebooted fine, the other 2 needed to be reset to default config. Could you post the change log in this thread? 

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You'll find the detailed change log here
Changelog here

Changelog is here:

Mikrotik SXTsq 2 & 5 upgraded first time, and so did GL.iNet AR150.

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Testing Nightly Build 84

Running on
SXTsq-5nD and SXTsq-5HPnD,
Nanostation M5 XM, Nanostation M3, NanoLoco M9, NanoBridge M9, NanoLoco M2 XW,
GL-iNet-AR750-Creta, AR300M, USB150.



I have a Nanostation M5 XW

I have a Nanostation M5 XW and Mikrotik hAP that upgrade installed just fine.

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All successful

2  Mikrotic hAP AC
1  Mikrotik LHG-2nd-XL
1  Mikrotik LHG-5nd
1  Mikrotik LHG-5HPnd-XL
4  Ubiquiti M3 XM
2  Ubiquiti M5 XM
2  Ubiquiti M5 XW
1  GL-iNet USB-150

A couple had to be rebooted first - but that is normal.



I have upgraded some devices, so far, all Ok.
3 NanoBridge 5G22
2 PowerBeam M5-300
2 NanoStation Loco M2-XW
1 GL-USB150

A few more upgraded OK

MikroTik BaseBox 2
MikroTik QRT5
PowerBeam M5-400

Also OK...
PowerBeam M5-300
MikroTik LHG-5HPnd-XL
Nanostation M5 XW
Nanostation M5 XM (32MB/RF off during upgrade)

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You guys are awesome...

Keep up the great work!

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GL.iNet GL-USB150: Nightly 84: tunnel install hiccup

/advancedconfig aredn.@downloads[0].pkgs_arednpackages
was pointing at
and tunnel install failed.
I clicked the 'Set to Default' then 'Save Setting' then was able to install the tunnel package.


Could be this known issue

I think you may be seeing an instance of this known issue:

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Nightly Build 84 Results

Successful Nightly 84 on:
2 ea Ubnt PowerBeam PBE-M5-400 ISO first time (Both on roof, one direct through switch, the other dtd through switch)
2 ea Ubnt NanoBridge 5G25 (32Mb RAM).  One required two attempts. (Direct connection to computer)
Ubnt NanoStation(XW) M5 (Direct connection to computer)

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