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AREDN Release


The AREDN Project announces its release of version firmware  

This release advances the objectives of the AREDN™ Project: to provide quality high-speed data solutions for the Amateur Radio based Emergency Communications community.  Hams have been waiting eagerly for the features contained in this release… many of whom got an early peek at them from testing the beta versions throughout the past several months. 

The following changes have been made from the previous, 3.0.2, production release:
  • Added support for the following devices:
    • Ubiquiti 3.4 GHz NanoBridge M3, NanoStation M3, Rocket M3
    • Ubiqiuti 5.8 GHz NanoStation M5 (XW version)
    • TP-Link 2.4 GHz CPE320, and 5.8 GHz CPE510
  • Expanded channel support:
    • 2.4 GHz now offers channels -1 and -2 which are not shared with WIFI routers
    • 3.4 GHz offers 24 new channels from 3.380 to 3.495 GHz
    • 5.8 GHz there are now 52 channels from 5.665 to 5.920 GHz
  • Added “over the air” (OTA) remote firmware upgrades, allowing node owners to upgrade a node’s firmware without going out to the site.  NOTE:  The OTA upgrade does not preserve packages a node Administrator has installed and may not preserve custom config changes made by hand beyond the out of box AREDN firmware.
  • Built-in VTUN Tunneling support in the standard GUI.  You can also now configure both a tunnel server and a tunnel client on the same device.  NOTE: Tunnel configuration is NOT compatible with prior tunnel versions (3.0.2).  Ensure that you have a backup of any existing tunnel settings before updating to
  • WIFI Scan now includes a list of AREDN/BBHN nodes by callsign and signal strengths (based on the SSID in use).
  • Upgraded OpenWRT from Attitude Adjustment (Sept 2012) to Barrier Breaker (July 2014) releases.  A significant number of fixes and improvements that accompany this upgrade can be found at
  • Added support for Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) which allows the routine interrogation of network nodes to assess throughput and network health, using readily available network management tools.
  • Added a new sysinfo.json page which exposes many of the configuration, operational, and status parameters.  This provides a lightweight programming API that can be used to retrieve node metadata.
  • Added ability to download support data to enhance the project team’s ability to debug issues.
  • Various software bug fixes and routing-rule corrections.

The AREDN Project Team

Conrad, KG6JEI
​Darryl, K5DLQ
​Joe, AE6XE
​Randy, WU2S
​Andre, K6AH
Gordon, W2TTT

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