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AREDN Nightly Build Update 20221006


AREDN Nightly Build Update

Here's what's been added to the AREDN codebase since the last Production Release:

Miscellaneous fixes and updates

Added support for extra network links to OLSR
Included wireguard packages in the repo
Fixed recoverymode script (didn't work correctly)
Added ntp update period to basic setup page - can now choose between daily and hourly updates
Stopped a node from including itself in its LQM neighbors
Fixed bad match for NAT dhcp address.
Added a wifi scan trigger for when the "nodes detected" count becomes zero (resets wifi)
Added a snapshot of hostnames after OLSR updates so we have a consistent copy to display on Mesh Status page
Optionally include static routes (and preserve them across upgrades)

Advertised services determination logic
Added more 3XX redirects + 401 authentication
If redirect ends at an https link assume it is valid

UI changes
Added help link to pages missing it.
Changed support link to button
Updated help file for new Advanced Config format
Simplified Advanced Config display
Added units to Setup and Advanced Config pages


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