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AREDN Release Notes

​AREDN Release Notes

The AREDN Development team has incorporated significant security improvements and fixes to sustain the 3.16.x.x release line. 
The changes in the release addresses: 

  • OLSR security vulnerabilities.  Mesh nodes were prone to attack or unintended consequences through access to OLSR information plugins on ports 9090, 2004, and 2006, commonly used to crawl the network to create map information.  Nodes could become unstable and/or unresponsive.   Please note that all prior versions of AREDN and BBHN firmware are affected.

  • OLSR instability.   Removal of the OLSR “httpinfo” plugin and the corresponding “OLSR Status” button on the status page.   The httpinfo plugin is not written to scale sufficiently to the larger mesh networks and cause OLSR to crash-restart.   Access to OLSR information is available using the jsoninfo plugin on port 9090 across the network.  Enter the following URL in a browser window to display the OLSR information: http://localnode:9090/all.    This command may not work in all browsers.  
    An alternative is to use the following command in a terminal session on the node:  “nc /all | nc localnode 9090”. 
    On node, the txtinfo plugin on port 2006 is also available.   Enter the following Linux command in a terminal session to a node to display the OLSR information:  “echo /all | nc localnode 2006” 

  • Device protection from bricking when installing AREDN firmware.   Devices with AirOS 5.6+ would previously soft-brick a device requiring attachment of a serial console to the mother board to recover.    A device will no longer soft-brick when updating to AREDN.   Now you can simply TFTP AirOS back onto the device and downgrade properly before upgrading to AREDN 

  • Dnsmasq security update.  DNS and DHCP security fixes brought current.   Upgrade is from dnsmasq 2.71 to 2.80test2 as used in the July 2018 OpenWRT release.    Numerous security fixes over years are brought forward.   The change log detail can be found at 

AREDN firmware can be found here:

Please report any issues to the AREDN GitHub and indicate that your issue is on v3.16.2.0

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