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Arden official cloud tunnel server

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Arden official cloud tunnel server

Is this still active?

did they release any info  to be able to spin one up yourself?    We have a fiber connection and would like to use this as a back up


I think it is there, but I

I think it is there, but I haven't seen much posted about it.  I'm a lonely node out in the middle of Central Texas...

How many Internet-connected

How many Internet-connected nodes do you have? If you want to link them using tunnels, you should be able to do that using the Nightly Build firmware which has configurable tunnel limits. Run it on a node with ≥ 64mb of memory, like a Mikrotik hAP ac lite or GL.iNet AR750 (128mb memory). Here's a link to the AREDN online documentation explaining how many tunnel clients you might expect to host:    If around 20 tunnel clients is not enough for your network, then you could have your tunnel server itself be a client to another tunnel server that hosts the rest of your Internet-connected nodes.

I cant host a tunnel server.

I cant host a tunnel server.  Isp will not allow ports to be open is the reason for wanting ro cloud host 

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