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Announcing the AREDN 2020 Conference

Announcing the AREDN 2020 Conference


October 24th, 2020,  starting at 9 a.m. Pacific time.


Conference Information

Zoom URL:

Webinar ID:  977 8577 1017
 Webinar Passcode: 117977

This is a Zoom webinar, which is different than a regular Zoom conference.  Attendees can view, but can’t talk or send video unless allowed.  You can ask a question in the Q&A room, and it will be answered by someone.

Conference Agenda

1. Opening Remarks by Andre Hansen, K6AH

2.    AREDN Overview:
Amateur Radio's Premier High-Speed Digital Communications Mode

The Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network project grew from the foundations of the earliest high-speed multimedia mesh network efforts. Over the past five years, AREDN has dramatically increased the range of affordable supported devices to include over 70 units from 4 manufacturers. Radio link speeds of up to 144 MB/s and distances of over 60 miles are in use on currently installed networks.

Learn about the features of AREDN open-source firmware, considerations for your deployment and what you can do with a 21st century amateur radio network.

Randy WU2S

2.    Amateur Radio and Encryption

There is a strong case for the use of encryption in parts of the Amateur Radio Service. It is already permitted in the amateur satellite service (Part 97.211) in the HF, VHF, UHF and microwave bands.

In this presentation we will explore the necessity for encrypted data communications in support of emergency responders.

Randy WU2S

3.    How does the AREDN 802.11n signal maximize data throughput?

OFDM has become the dominant modulation technique used for wireless data communications. This presentation will show how 802.11n used in AREDN deploys OFDM and other techniques to constantly adapt and maximize the possible data throughput in a changing environment over a wireless channel.


4.    Video Stream Considerations on an AREDN Ham Radio Network

Configuring a webcam on any IP network can be complicated.  This presentation will outline some IP camera standards, configurations, and applications.

Orv W6BI

5.    10 GHz – The Next Frontier

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