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Additional Nodes

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Additional Nodes

We have a regional AREDN network here in Lemhi County Idaho.  I have a Google Earth Map of the nodes. How can I forward it to someone for inclusion on the WW AREDN Map?


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In Basic Setup

In the Basic Setup page, after you've entered the lat/lon of the node and clicked "Apply Location Settings," click on "Upload data to AREDN Servers". 

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required internet access to

required internet access to the nodes.
if your computer has internet, but, your node doesn't, you can use the Offline Map Submit tool...

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Educate, and then turn out the vote!

Personally, I don't think that adding our little mesh island (up in a river valley in the mountains of Idaho), with its less than a dozen nodes, is going to have much effect one-way or the other on how the FCC views our concerns about their taking away part of the spectrum which we are currently using for our AREDN EmComm network.

I would much rather focus any/all energy on "turning out the vote" to get *everyone* to post comments on the FCC site when they open up this topic for public input. A few extra hundreds of pins on a map will (IMO) have little effect, but hundreds or thousands (and more) comments on a public site showing *lots* of active hams using and concerned abut this part of the spectrum could sway the difference.

Bumper stickerrs (and fancy maps) are fine, but they are no substitute for real co-ordinated political action. The ARRL (and its lobbyists in expensive suits) may purport to speak for me, but that does not relieve me of my own personal responsibility to take individual action. I say: let's build action and expand upon on the AREDN Call-to-Action:
and work to educate everyone we can, and then "turn out the vote".

I've included this topic in the last couple club newsletters I've put out (as editor for our Henderson club: W7HEN.COM) and brought it up at a few of our Tuesday morning breakfasts - and it seems like it really is new "news" for most of my ham friends. Let's spend all of our energy and attention on getting the word out and then stuffing the comment box at the FCC.

Just a [strong] personal opinion - no disrespect intended to the map or its promoters,
- Don - AA7AU
(who is lucky enough to spend at least half the year in Idaho and damn proud of our little mesh island up there)

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